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mama and cub

Thanks for stopping by Goldpress Paper! My name is Alisha, and I'm a Seattle native who's lived just about everywhere. While teaching English in Japan, I met my British husband and we moved to England shortly after getting married. We've lived in New Zealand and again in Seattle and are now based in Los Angeles with our infant son, Jack. On the roots vs. wings continuum I'm 98% wings, but the older I get the more I crave soil to grow roots in.

Each place I've called home has accented me in its own way, but Japan is the place that's had the biggest impact. Japanese stationery made a paper lover out of me as a young girl, and it's the Japanese brush-lettering, simplicity, and obsession with the finest raw materials that drives my aesthetic. I believe in purchasing fewer, high-quality pieces created with care from sustainable practices and infusing meaning into them. I believe words really do change lives.