Valentine's Day Pop-Up at Copa Vida

I love doing pop-up shops so much because it's such a great way to connect with people! And that's what cards are all about, right? This Valentine's Day I was able to do several pop-up shops at local shops including Bar Nine (with the talented ladies of Wild Roots LA) and West Elm Santa Monica. The actual day was spent in Pasadena with the fine folks of Copa Vida and Emblem Flowers. Maritha Mae Photography captured some amazing shots I wanted to share with you.

Copa Vida Goldpress Emblem Pasadena
Pasadena Copa Vida Emblem Flowers Goldpress Paper
Goldpress Paper Pasadena Copa Vida
Flowers Pasadena Emblem Goldpress Paper

It pays to have friends who are such talented florists! Charmain of Emblem Flowers is amazing and her creations make my cards look so good! Thank you to Emblem Flowers, Copa Vida, and Maritha Mae Photography for making this flower/paper/coffee lovefest happen!