Words are powerful.

A kind, true word spoken at the right time can make someone's day.

It can make us feel seen, known, and loved.

It can give us the confidence to keep doing what we're doing at exactly the point that we feel like giving up.

Words are big.

We don't need to wait around for the next compliment to feel good -- we have the power to speak the words that need to be spoken into existence.

Goldpress is rooted in the power of words.

It is a stationery company that exists not only to equip you to send more cards to friends and loved ones, but also to encourage you to use your words.

Because words are powerful -- and you are too.

Even a simple note to a friend saying, "You got this!" might be exactly what they need to hear.

We are all human.  We sometimes (often, even!) forget who we are and where we are going. That's why we need each other to serve as reminders.

Goldpress is about calling out the life, beauty, and potential we see in others, especially in those who aren't yet able to see it themselves.

I hope you washi tape these cards to your walls and send them out far and wide to whoever in your life needs a boost. Making someone's day is just way too easy, and Goldpress is here to make it even easier.